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Mini Lash Kit is included.

-1 Adhesive
-2 Lash Trays
-Lash Wands
-Practice Lashes
-Mannequin Head
-Training Manual

Be sure to schedule this class when you will have time to be uninterrupted and can be in a quiet place. This class can be taken by smartphone, tablet or PC.

This class will be offered LIVE once per month. If you cannot make the LIVE class, you can still watch a pre recorded course.

There will be a test at the end of the course and you must pass with a 90% AND send 2 photos of two different before and after models showing your work in detail. Your certificate showing you took the class will be sent once all of that has been completed.


There are no payment plans for this class.

ID (scratch DL# out) showing the name you would like on your certificate and online consent form is required by email after registering for this course.