The average millionaire has SEVEN sources of income. This can become one of your 7! Let me show you how to make seven figures in a year easily. Deciding where to take your lash training is an important decision. Make sure they are actually certified, have been working at least 2 years in the business, are professional, personable and a full time working artist. Are they insured? Licensed or working towards it? Is this a business or a hustle for them? All businesses can be considered a hustle, but not all hustles are legit businesses. Is their work outstanding? Can they help you learn how to build a full time business? Is it a corporation or just an Instagram page? I think you get the point here. Please do your homework when researching where to invest in yourself at.

Beginner and Advanced lash classes and Basic Microblading classes are available in Atlanta and Chicago regularly. If you are interested in taking a class in the mentioned cities or an advertised city, please contact us for details and to arrange a date. Most classes are ONE day and held from 10am-3pm and located in the lash room in either city. If you are doing a class with a live model it is normally an 8 hour class. If you are doing a lash design class, advanced lash class or a one on one class they are also held in the lash room and can vary from 6-8 hours.

All classes come with a Certificate of Completion of the class, but not all classes come with a kit, as some are optional, but extremely encouraged. Kits can be purchased online in the products tab. Additional items can also be purchased in person.

All classes require a non-refundable deposit to be paid in order to book your seat. The remainder of the payment will be due in cash before class starts.

Interested? Contact us today!